yCloud service provides virtualized platforms in the cloud (on secure and reliable systems) designed for companies and institutions that intend to optimize the infrastructure while maintaining high quality standards. yCloud is structured on a totally redundant IP (AS39250) effectively protected thanks to the security technologies developed and offered to its customers. HyperGrid, is first and foremost a security services company, able to put in place cutting-edge technologies. yCloud benefits from the expertise deriving from the portfolio of services offered by HyperGrid, including: perimeter network security, strong authentication systems, VPN with 2FA, Disaster Recovery.


HyperGrid has all the certifications necessary to provide cloud services to companies and public administration: AGID CSP (Cloud service provider) is the certification to provide cloud infrastructure to public administrations. AGID IAAS is instead the certification issued to HyperGrid for the yCloud service which is based on (IAAS) Infrastructure-as-a-Service in which virtualized cloud platforms designed for companies and institutions that intend to optimize their infrastructure while maintaining high quality standards are made available to customers. 


Keep your data safe
Cloud backup services are essential to keep a copy of corporate data safe by protecting it from cybercriminal attacks or possible damage to infrastructure. Even if you already have an on-site backup service, having a second one located on a different infrastructure guarantees security that should not be underestimated, especially for the “disaster recovery” procedures that allow you to quickly restore data to allow the rapid restart of activities avoiding blocks to work and production that could be very expensive. 

yCloud Backup  is one of the best solutions available, it is a service able to provide all the space necessary for customer needs with the security that the entire infrastructure is managed and controlled on site without relying on external datacenters. HyperGrid provides the ability to control the system configuration from a single centralized panel from which devices to be included in the backup loop can be selected, including all computers remotely. The HyperGrid team can provide free agents to automatically back up data to the yCloud infrastructure. The supported services are many: ranging from the backup of virtual machines in vmware esxi, Microsoft Azure, Virtuozzo, as well as the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) or the precious corporate data contained in MS Exchange servers, Office 365 mail and Gmail mail. There is also data management for Microsoft Active Directory network services and Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases. HyperGrid can migrate between different hypervisors and to/from physical machines.


Virtual machines for every need
In addition to the backup service and storage space, we remind you that yCloud is an IaaS Infrastructure as a Service, able to guarantee a valid solution that provides customers with virtualized hardware resources so that they can configure and manage the infrastructure according to their needs. With the latest virtualization technologies, HyperGrid provides the virtual servers on which customers will place their strategic projects with confidence and maximum flexibility. 

Companies and Public Administrations can add virtual machines, storage sizes, manage security firewalls and users in order to make the IT structure flexible with simple and inexpensive operations. Everything can be conveniently managed from the Virtual Data Center. In addition, for cloud services, HyperGrid provides fast activation and deactivation times and, in case of problems, support It is guaranteed every day, 24 hours a day.

yCloud is reported in the Cloud Marketplace on the AGID website and is a Cloudstack-based service with Cisco ASA-X firewalling architecture, ideal for managing large virtual machine networks, supports the most popular hypervisors such as VMware, KVM, Citrix XenServer, Xen Cloud Platform (XCP), Oracle VM servers and Microsoft Hyper-V.


yCloud is managed from a virtual data center where multiple virtual machines and services can be configured. From its practical interface you can manage CPU, storage, services, public addresses, firewalls, user management and accounts. As always with HyperGrid services, there is a focus on data security, and yCloud can be configured for VPN access with two-factor authentication. In addition, the company guarantees fast activation and deactivation times and, in case of problems, assistance is guaranteed every day, 24 hours a day. HyperGrid’s team of experts will then be able to evaluate the solution that best suits the needs of customers and public administrations.