The essential service to log network traffic

Ransomware attacks and data breaches are increasingly frequent and when they are successful they generate problems for the companies involved. In particular, with the theft of sensitive data, the situation becomes problematic and it is essential to report it to the competent authorities. Hiding the incident and omitting specific details of the attack to avoid bad publicity or wasting time with complaints and bureaucratic practices is not a good idea, as in addition to the damage caused by the attack and the block of productivity it is possible to incur penalties from the authority.


The service proposed by HyperGrid is called Security Data Recorder (SDR): it is a solution able to record all network traffic and produce documentation on what happened. In fact, we remind you that in case of offenses the authorities in charge could perform checks, therefore having the full record of what happened allows you to produce a diagnosis of the situation to identify the type of attack, highlight any responsibilities and exclude any charge.


The Security Data Recorder relieves the company and the IT service managers from the attribution of responsibility and the burden of providing documentary evidence of the activities carried out on the network by traditional means that require long and expensive procedures. The Security Data Recorder records every activity both outside and inside the corporate infrastructure and is based on a device (a sealed and tamper-proof black box) that contains the recording media in order to provide the correct breach reporting that must include all the necessary information and data.

At first glance it may seem a secondary function but in case of wrongdoing and in particular in case of data theft involving the GDPR, the Security Data Recorder proves to be an essential service to demonstrate what happened by focusing on the correct reporting of violations in order to avoid sanctions.