Email servers are under heavy workloads due to the amount of spam, phishing, and malware and virus emails. One answer to these problems is the SecureMail service offered by HyperGrid. A safe, efficient solution, protected by encrypted connections and technologies to guarantee the identity of the sender such as SPF and DKIM. SecureMail also offers antivirus checking of all mail in transit, as well as the use of up-to-date and customizable spam filters that guarantee users of the service confidentiality in communications and a significant reduction in spam mail received.


SecureMail is designed for all companies that require a service that provides secure servers and the ability to access customizable functions according to customer needs:

  • Encrypted connections

  • Antivirus check of mail in transit

  • Up-to-date spam filters

  • Ability to create rules on the type of attachments allowed

  • Management of lists for allowed and blocked addresses (whitelist, blacklist)

  • Set up automated mailing list management 

  • Defining and setting aliases

  • Automatic message forwarding

  • Management of address book and calendars shared with the company. 


HyperGrid has obtained the SaaS (Software as a Service) certification in order to further refine and align its secure mail service with the AgiD indications (circular no. 3 of 9 April 2018). As a further guarantee we remind you that the HyperGrid technical team
in case of need it is available H24 to manage message transactions between mail servers, in order to guarantee the safety of users from those who use unverified mail services. HyperGrid is also able to provide evidence about message transactions between mail servers, protecting SecureMail users against interlocutors who use unmanaged mail services.