Personal Data Treatment Course

The European Regulation for the protection of personal data (GDPR) involves for companies and bodies the adaptation to solutions to guarantee data protection, control and verification of procedures. For this to happen it is necessary that the staff is trained on the principles of privacy and the management of data processing. HyperGrid organizes courses held by certified professionals in order to make participants immediately operational. The trainers are teachers with many years of experience in their respective fields such as the protection of personal data, computer security, the evolution of new technologies, the organization and management of communication.


Aimed at all operators of companies and institutions, the course prepared by HyperGrid dedicated to the processing of personal data offers basic IT security elements, with notions that these days it is important to know and put into practice to avoid the traps of phishing and data theft. 

The course is aimed at achieving the compliance of the company or entity with the GDPR and provides company staff with the essential knowledge to correctly apply the principles, rights and obligations introduced by the legislation. The course can be expanded as needed and it is possible to schedule application sessions to verify what is presented in theory. 

  • Estimated time: 16 hours divided into two days
  • Location: at HyperGrid or at the customer’s premises 
  • Number of participants: groups from 10 to 20 users


The course meets the requirements of the GDPR and trains staff on the dangers inherent in the use of IT tools. It is no coincidence that one of the main causes of violations in companies and PAs is the behavior of the employee, in most cases a completely unaware accomplice of hackers. A sort of weak link targeted by bad guys who focus their attacks on people with phishing and malware attacks designed to steal information or introduce attack vectors into the corporate infrastructure.