Aimed at network administrators, system engineers, developers, security managers/consultants, Security Operation Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NPC) personnel. The HyperGrid course dedicated to Vulnerability Assessment is important because it is an integral part of those procedures for analyzing and verifying the security of a network. The Vulnerability Assessment is the check-up of the computer systems of a network, performed to ascertain the level of security, detect the presence of any weaknesses and eliminate them in order to block possible intrusions and protect company data.
We consider that the evaluation should be carried out at least once every six months or whenever changes to the network structure are applied.


The course organized by HyperGrid offers the theoretical basis and technological skills necessary to conduct the analysis of vulnerabilities of a computer system in environments with different levels of complexity. It provides the basis for the management and execution of security audits by presenting the most up-to-date tools and techniques through the examination of the most common security issues from the point of view of attack and defense.


The Vulnerability Assessment procedures are developed on 6 phases which can be followed by the Pen Test procedure which represents the final verification to demonstrate that the infrastructure no longer presents critical issues. All these procedures are treated exhaustively during the 30 hours of the course which includes the analysis of the theoretical aspects and the practical implications to simulate what is presented in theory. Due to the importance of the topics covered, this type of course has an imprint strongly oriented towards achieving objectives and results. The number of participants is formulated on the basis of the needs expressed by the customer to obtain an optimal quality of teaching and learning.

• Estimated time: 30 hours divided into four days

• Location: at the customer’s premises

• Number of participants: groups of 5 to 10 users