E-mail is the most used computer communication system in the workplace, a fundamental tool for the business of large and small companies. In fact, it is a resource in which often irreplaceable information is stored. In most cases, however, the data contained in the e-mails are not managed and stored in an orderly manner but remain fragmented in the mailboxes of the staff and, even if properly saved in backup, give rise to documents and information that are messy and often difficult to recover in full. That’s why email archiving becomes essential for a better business strategy that can ensure more efficient workflow management. In practice, using a mail archiving solution reduces the workload of the IT department and generates significant savings for the company. In addition, the mail archive is a precious asset that must be preserved from accidents and data loss due to human error.


MailArchive is the automatic e-mail archiving system (also ideal for PEC services) proposed by HyperGrid. It is a completely transparent service for the user who will continue to use e-mail as he has always done, but with the security of being able to recover a single e-mail or the entire e-mail archive at any time. Even if the company has excellent servers or relies on groupware solutions for email collaboration, these systems are not designed to store amounts of information over the long term and above all they are not able to handle the organization of emails. To quickly and accurately access data (often essential) it is necessary to ensure the indexing and availability of messages, including older emails, perhaps deleted by mistake or to free up space in the mailbox. Access to emails alone is not enough and you need to have their attachments available. A service like MailArchive is even more efficient and functional because it allows you to perform these operations without having to involve the company’s service desk. MailArchive allows you to archive e-mail messages and their attachments in a complete and indexed way, in a format that is tamper-proof always available and easily retrievable.


A full backup of e-mail server data is thought to render archiving unnecessary. This is a misconception because the two systems pursue different objectives. Backup is a medium-term solution, and is essential to safeguard important data in order to support its recovery in the event of a server failure or cyber attack. The purpose of archiving e-mail, on the other hand, is to keep indexed emails for many years in a form faithful to the original, easy to find and always available. In addition, archiving emails can help you meet your obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


HyperGrid activates the service and stores all received mail on the indicated mailboxes.

• The company or user does not need to perform any configuration.

• There are no slowdowns on your computers or email service.

• All mail stored on HyperGrid servers is encrypted with security encryption and readable only with the credentials assigned to the user.

HyperGrid manages the encrypted store “from the outside” without access to the data.

• The user can access the service at any time with a practical web interface to be able to search for archived messages.

• Ease of use, emails can be restored from the archive with a single mouse click.

• The service is convenient and does not require any maintenance by the company.


Thanks to archiving with MailArchive it is possible to eliminate mailbox quotas by freeing up storage space, eliminate PST files of mail clients that can become corrupted and reduce the workload of mail servers. Most importantly: thanks to MailArchive you can eliminate the problem of data tampering. Another key feature is its flexibility: the service can be adapted to the size and requirements of the company or institution, reducing the costs of the service.