To ensure the impenetrability of computer systems it is necessary to monitor network resources and make sure that everything is fully functional by analyzing every intrusion attempt in the network. In addition to verification tests, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) sensors are installed in the infrastructure to verify and identify unauthorized access to computers or networks. 

An Intrusion Detection System is essential to identify unauthorized access to computers or local networks. IDSs are used to detect various attacks on computer networks and computers. This is a constantly evolving area in which it is important to use certified and updated tools to perform procedures in a simple and structured way in order to meet the specifications required by the Agency for Digital Italy.


The course proposed by HyperGrid is aimed at system administrators, security managers and all those professionals who need to install and manage simple and complex Intrusion Detection Systems.

In addition to offering learning the types and methods of Intrusion Detection, the course focuses on the methods of installation, configuration, monitoring of the tools used. The trainers will explain in detail the tools that make up an intrusion detection system.

• Estimated time: 22 hours divided into three days

• Location: at HyperGrid or at the customer’s premises 

• Number of participants: groups of 5 to 10 users