VPN service with secure access managed by strong two-factor authentication

HyperGrid provides a critical service when it is necessary to access the corporate network from the outside. In the business environment, the VPN is essential for users who work off-site or in “smart working” and must have access to the network by entering their login credentials. Unfortunately, when you enter a corporate LAN, authentication with username and password does not guarantee sufficient protection, on the contrary, it can prove dangerous for your business since the theft of access data is simpler than you might think. The HyperVPN service is updated to the Plus version which guarantees greater security and protection for corporate networks and wider configuration possibilities.

With ransomware attacks and increasingly insidious cyberthreats, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) equipped with a double-factor authentication system is the solution to ensure secure access to corporate networks and data. With HyperVPN Plus, a virtual tunnel is created within which data travels encrypted in total security. The use of robust encryption protocols make it impossible to intercept traffic passing through the VPN, a feature of fundamental importance even when exchanging confidential information.


The first line of defense to keep intrusions out of the game is the use of secure passwords which must necessarily be protected by a double factor authentication system (2FA), a technology capable of protecting any type of password. Unfortunately, despite the advantages, many users and IT office managers still consider two-factor authentication inconvenient, despite the fact that it is a small price to pay for the security and protection of the infrastructure and its data. In fact, 2FA guarantees secure access since it is based on two elements: something we know (login and password) and something we have (for example a smartphone on which the second code is sent). Thanks to smartphones it is also possible to introduce a third element, the “something we are”, for example the fingerprint or the biometric detection of the face.


To make it easy to access HyperVPN Plus there are several solutions to receive the second authentication element: SMS with temporary password (One Time Password), via OTP generated by an app on smartphones or through a hardware token. In addition, access via face or fingerprint recognition is available. Finally, for those who do not want (or cannot) use their smartphone for work, HyperGrid provides access via “direct phone call”. Thanks to this solution, the user who needs to access the network receives a call asking to authorize the VPN connection simply by pressing a button on the phone. A useful solution also to solve trade union issues on the use of private devices for work. In addition to meeting any needs to simplify access, HyperVPN Plus ensures that all calls and SMS are part of a flat service at no extra cost.


In addition to ensuring secure data transfer, HyperVPN Plus can verify the device you are accessing from. With respect for Privacy can be analyzed if the remotely connected device is in the ideal condition to access the infrastructure.  The security procedure performs a quick check to verify that the operating system is up to date, that there is an active antivirus, that the computer’s file system is intact and encrypted. If one (or more) of these checks reveal a problem, the user will need to update before they can sign in. Obviously, the company will be free to decide whether to keep all the control parameters active or whether to activate only those that it considers essential for its safety.


Those who want to enable additional HyperVPN Plus control features can check if the connection profile is relevant to the user’s habits and logins. For example, if the connection made a few hours before from a location in Italy is made on the other side of the world, the system is able to autonomously block access pending verification. In addition, you can notify the user with the geographic location from which the link is being attempted so that they can approve or deny authentication.

Despite the many parameters implemented, one of the advantages of HyperVPN Plus is the simplicity of configuration that allows the managers of the company’s IT department (or in the absence of these, the HyperGrid team) to set up the system according to the real needs of the company. Obviously, it is possible to guarantee the access of the various users gradually, establishing precise rules so that they can only reach specific areas of competence of the company infrastructure.

HyperVPN Plus can be integrated with business solutions such as the Windows Server Active Directory system, as well as RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) servers or LDAP servers. Obviously, HyperGrid‘s team of experts is always available to look for the best solution and configuration suitable for business needs.

2FA authentication can also be used to protect access to any customer application and not only for VPN access.