The certified electronic mail better known in Italy as PEC is a tool that allows you to send and receive e-mails with the legal value of a registered letter with return receipt. In addition to being a particularly useful service for citizens, it is mandatory for companies, businesses and freelancers enrolled in an order. The legal value of Certified Electronic Mail is established by Presidential Decree no. 68 of 11 February 2005. 


Among the features of the PEC there is the security that the content of the message is not modifiable. Thanks to a series of security protocols, it is certified that the text of the email cannot be altered in any way. In addition, a fundamental part of the service is the issue to the sender of a receipt certifying the sending of the message, followed by a communication that certifies delivery (or non-delivery). Obviously, any attachments are also included in these security standards.


HyperGrid provides a PEC service called HyperPEC on the box and the company team supports the user in the subsequent configuration phases. The activation of the PEC box includes 1GB of space with unlimited traffic, antivirus services, antispam and no advertising. Obviously, in case of requests for space or domain customization, HyperGrid is able to support the needs of customers. You can access the PEC box via dedicated webmail with shared agenda and calendar (ICS, CalDav, CardDav), or from a common email client. 

The service guarantees 24/7 telephone assistance or email via ticket.