E-mail is an important tool for both companies and individuals. Thanks to the expansion of the internet, email is now irreplaceable to send and receive requests and information, activate services or even to stay in touch with other users and customers. For companies, e-mail messages are a valuable resource for exchanging documents, projects, quotes, requests and much more. Unfortunately, the internet has given us the illusion of being able to use some services without paying anything and among these we find in first place those for email. In reality, we pay the cost of a “free” mailbox with our data. Although there is the GDPR to protect us from collections of information that violates privacy, user profiling is a common practice, particularly when we sign up for a free service and consent to the processing of data.

In addition to data profiling, presenting yourself to a customer with a free domain email is unprofessional. Instead, we choose an address that is able to qualify us in a distinctive way as Then consider security and reliability: who assures us that the less famous e-mail services are really safe? Another element to take into serious consideration, regardless of whether we use an email service from a web giant or a small supplier, is the lack of quick and personalized assistance to solve any problems. Finally, for craftsmen and small and medium-sized enterprises, it must be considered that free services often offer too little storage space for business use. 


HyperGrid offers the HyperMail service with a 5GB mailbox with unlimited traffic on domain, accessible anywhere via WebMail or any email client. The benefits of this solution are obvious: first of all, HyperMail is managed on secure servers, protected by the company’s constantly updated technologies. E-mail messages are checked with antivirus and antispam, there is no form of profiling and no advertising. Access is managed by secure protocols (IMAPS, POP3S, SMTPS) and the mailbox is accessible from computers, tablets and smartphones. Customers also have quick 24/7 telephone support or email via ticket, to solve any problems that may arise. In addition, the WebMail service provides your own calendar and calendar, all at a cost of €48 (excluding VAT) per year.  HyperMail also offers services for businesses and professionals, such as activating multiple mailboxes with a custom domain.

At any time you can increase the amount of available space, manage the DNS through a special panel, forward all mail for the domain to
a box indicated. There are also additional web hosting services (10 GB of disk space, PHP, 1 Mysql database, FTP access). Forward services to redirect the domain without hosting to a website of your choice. Or, if you already have a domain at another provider, HyperGrid will take care of transferring the domain. Finally, if the exchange of confidential e-mail messages between two or more trusted interlocutors is required, whose identity is certain and with the guarantee that the messages cannot be intercepted or modified, HyperGrid offers HyperMail with a certificate that includes two or more mailboxes according to customer needs.