The essential service to protect web browsing

One of the characteristics that have made the success of the Internet and its services global is the freedom of expression they guarantee. Unfortunately, during navigation, this freedom can generate abuse due to the inappropriate content that can be accessed. Added to this are the vast amounts of spam pages, viruses and increasingly insidious malware. The solution to this problem is to apply a form of regulation that protects the right of everyone to choose useful and welcome content, to do so HyperGrid proposes HyperFilter a service that prevents harmful and inappropriate topics from reaching the computer, thus allowing you to navigate in total safety.


HyperFilter provides the freedom that underpins the Internet, but gives the user the ability to filter out inappropriate content on the network. All without violating the “net neutrality” that at European level, establishes that the Internet is a common good and that providers can not segment and control user access. Each of us has the right to browse freely and to have safe information free of inappropriate content, especially if the devices are used by minors. 


HyperFilter is a practical service with an affordable cost. Allows you to filter content and block viruses that invade computers. It works with any operating system, does not depend on the provider that provides Internet access and above all does not require the installation of any additional software or antivirus.

Once the service is activated, the user is recognized thanks to access to the e-mail box provided by HyperGrid which remotely guarantees the operation of the service. Recall that HyperFilter is constantly updated so you can face all threats that invade the network every day. Undoubtedly it is a useful solution for companies and small offices, but it is also to be taken into serious consideration for the home. In fact, in addition to protecting against viruses and cyber threats, it allows you to filter out inappropriate content makes it of paramount importance if computers and devices are used by children and minors. HyperFilter is designed to put a barrier against pornographic, illegal, violent and unsolicited advertising content by eliminating spam.