The acronym DLP (Data Loss Prevention) indicates the governance systems to protect institutions and companies from theft, tampering, violation of confidential data. On the surface it may seem like a complex task but there are solutions like those proposed by HyperGrid with the HyperDLP service that allow you to solve these problems with an easy-to-use service. HyperGrid will provide HyperDLP with installation, on-site configuration and support, and the company will define the correct content policies based on its needs.

HyperDLP provides active control to stop data leakage at the source: in fact, it is a data loss prevention service from computers and all endpoints connected to the network. For example, files can be protected according to company policies, making sure that all documents in which the term “confidential” appears cannot be sent, modified, copied. Not only that, you can set restrictions to block the printing of files, the ability to take screenshots from the computer screen, as well as copying and transferring files from computers to USB storage devices, external disks, smartphones, other workstations and servers that are part of the corporate network.


The system analyzes the documents in search of the parameters set (which can be multiple) to preserve access only to users with permission. You can set the rules according to the type of files such as excel sheets, docx, or archives of particular formats. HyperDLP examines the binary contents of a file to determine its true type, regardless of the name and extension of the document. The service extends controls to email communications and instant messaging services.

HyperDLP provides a list of active protections, the company will then exclude or define additional rules through the actions to be set from a control panel. The service allows you to keep event logs, so you can monitor all abnormal activity. The maintenance of records protects company assets in the event of a data breach, such as theft or illicit dissemination, allowing to identify and document the responsibility of the operators connected to the workstations, it is therefore a very valid system also for the management of sensitive or personal data 

for a correct GDPR policy.


The service eliminates insider threats, preventing data leakage due to employee negligence or malicious insiders, blocking any unauthorized attempts to access or transfer data. In addition, HyperDLP is effective in increasing business productivity by blocking the use of unauthorized files and improving the flow of end-user data. This allows you to allow only the legitimate operations that are necessary for business processes and block any unauthorized activity with policies that users cannot circumvent.


The service proposed by HyperGrid is a modular system that can be reduced and expanded with simplicity, in this way it can be managed according to the real needs of the customer. In addition to the basic “core” of the system, HyperDLP offers several modules with additional options with incremental licenses to protect data. The company will be free to purchase only the features it needs.


The dashboard allows administrators to easily define DLP policies by setting context-sensitive controls. HyperDLP can be set to detect data leaks on users and groups of users as well as hardware devices that are connected to the network. 


Companies that use virtualized systems can also use HyperDLP. The service can be configured to prevent data loss on virtual machines and streaming applications, with context- and content-sensitive controls, logging, data obscuration, and alerts for comprehensive security on virtualized sessions. HyperDLP is compatible with many platforms including:  

  • Microsoft RDS 
  • Citrix XenDesktop 
  • Citrix XenApp 
  • VMware Horizon View 
  • VMware Workstation 
  • VMware Workstation Player 
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox 
  • Windows Virtual PC


A Data Loss Prevention service such as HyperDLP should be seriously considered to prevent users from providing sensitive information outside the corporate network. It eliminates threats within the organization and is a great help in meeting the data protection policies required by the GDPR. The system is based on easy-to-use software tools that allow system administrators to control what data can be managed and transferred by staff. The HyperGrid team will suggest the best solution for your business needs and install the software on servers and endpoints, providing 24/7 support in case of technical issues.