The solution for controlling the correct use of network resources

Network cybersecurity is managed through a coordinated set of services and technologies. Among the most important elements are solutions for controlling infrastructure resources such as the HyperCut service that uses next-generation firewalls (always up-to-date), IDPS (intrusion detection and prevention systems) software designed to detect and prevent intrusions and SIEM technologies for monitoring and managing the system in real time.


HyperCut uses a centralized database of all active security policies and allows the HyperGrid Security Operations Center (SOC) to manage and monitor corporate infrastructure through a single interface. In addition, with Endpoint Security you can define which software and applications users can use. The system is able to check from which computer access is being made, if there is any software that is not allowed or if the system is infected with malware. If this situation occurs, HyperCut will block access in order to solve the situation, a useful solution also for staff who access in smartworking. HyperCut is configurable according to the needs of the company and allows you to create zones with intermediate levels of security for publishing services or other customer needs. In addition, it is designed to integrate seamlessly with other services offered by HyperGrid such as HyperVPN Plus for secure access to the infrastructure from an encrypted data network with the security of two-factor authentication.


Cyber-attacks are increasingly frequent, but there is a more subtle situation to take into account: insider threats. These situations can be triggered unknowingly, such as when malware is downloaded for clicking on a link in a phishing email. However, there are more serious threats that include types of attacks carried out for financial interests: theft and sale of company data, fraud with data modification, up to the theft of projects and trade secrets. These are extreme cases, but they are more frequent than you might imagine. A service like HyperCut is a valid solution that monitors the infrastructure, allows you to set up and modulate access to network resources of staff. Thanks to this solution it is possible to define access to areas of expertise, set up “access lists” for each individual user, allow online browsing or block it. Enable web access only at certain times of the day and from certain locations. In addition, is possible to create connection “black lists” for users, in order to prioritize data security in areas that require more attention.