AgID, Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale is the technical organization of the Presidency of the Council that has the task of ensuring the achievement of the objectives of the Italian Digital Agenda and contributing to the dissemination of the use of information and communication technologies. As established by the institutional task, AgID supports digital innovation and promotes the dissemination of digital skills also in collaboration with institutions
and international, national and local agencies. In addition, AgID ensures the IT coordination of state, regional and local administration. 

With the HyperAgID consulting service, the HyperGrid team supports Public Administrations that do not have the means to put
into practice the AgID regulations for the security of computerized treatments.


The AgID regulations define procedures and regulations that Public Administrations must apply on their IT systems in order to guarantee adequate security standards. HyperGrid is able to support the Public Administration in the implementation of the necessary procedures. Its team of experts assesses full compliance with current regulations through constant updating on legislative changes in the sector and a fast and impartial approach. Finally, the agency is accompanied in the implementation of the management of digital processes in the organizational and regulatory field.

AgID is responsible for achieving the objectives of the Italian Digital Agenda in line with the European Digital Agenda. The advice provided by HyperGrid is able to operate across multiple industries to make the institution GDPR compliant


In addition to providing the necessary advice with the HyperAGID service, HyperGrid boasts the AgiD SaaS (Software as a Service) certification for the SecureMail service, which is in addition to the AgiD CSP qualification obtained by the company at the Pavia datacenter, in compliance with the GDPR regulation on data management. The certification also covers the yCloud service that allows you to provide cloud infrastructures to the public administration. We remind you that starting from 1 April 2019, Public Administrations are required to acquire only IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services qualified by AgID. – – Tel. 0382 528875