Disaster Recovery is the solution to restore your infrastructure in case of serious problems: for example a hacker attack, server and network device failures, or disastrous events such as a fire or flood.

A Disaster Recovery plan can be composed of different procedures based on the real needs of the company, it is a practice that is part of what is commonly defined as Business Continuity. It represents the planning that allows companies and institutions to continue to produce or provide services even after an accident. In the event of serious events that lead to the blockage of services and production, Business Continuity must allow activity to resume as soon as possible.


HyperGrid Disaster Recovery is a flexible solution that can meet the needs of customers who need a service recovery in the event of an event that compromises the functionality of the company’s IT structure. Thanks to the great experience gained in the sector, HyperGrid is able to develop a project that can guarantee high efficiency in the restoration of activities. It should be noted that the Disaster Recovery procedures are supervised by a technical staff prepared and available to customers 24 hours a day.

A good disaster recovery plan includes the operations necessary to recover data by performing an assessment of the risks and events that can lead to the infrastructure crash. A full backup of data is critical to restoring functionality, and HyperGrid has all the technology you need to troubleshoot network problems. For example, thanks to the yCloud service it is possible to manage corporate backups on remote servers avoiding relying on third-party structures and external datacenters for better quality of service and greater security. Not only that, if the affected company has staff in smart working, the HyperGrid system can also guarantee the backup of remotely connected computers.


HyperGrid is an “autonomous system” with its own IP addresses and multiple network connectivity protected by firewalls and updated security systems. The company has obtained AGID certification as a CSP so that it can provide cloud infrastructures to the public administration.  yCloud is an IaaS (infrastructure as a service) service that guarantees the provision of virtual servers and storage.