To efficiently manage network services, find resources, learn up-to-date methods and become aware of the importance of security in the various business areas and Public Administrations.


HyperGrid organizes courses held by certified professionals in order to make participants immediately operational.

The trainers are teachers with experience in their respective fields such as personal data protection, computer security, the evolution of new technologies, the organization and management of communication.

The courses have an innovative and structured approach: the meetings are held either at the HyperGrid structure or at the Customer’s premises, in adherence to the requests formulated by them.

The courses are designed according to a balanced approach between formality and ease of understanding and theoretical aspects. In courses that include a practical aspect, application sessions are scheduled in order to simulate what is presented in theory.

Our courses have a strongly result-oriented imprint, with concrete and measurable objectives.

The number of participants is set on the basis of the needs expressed by the customer to obtain an optimal quality of teaching and learning.