With over twenty years of experience in the IT security sector, HyperGrid guarantees the knowledge and technology necessary to provide assistance to companies and Public Administration based on their real needs in compliance with the GDPR and AGID regulations in force.

La trasformazione digitale, la crescita esponenziale delle minacce informatiche e il fondamentale adeguamento alle Normative Europee richiedono alle aziende e agli enti verifiche sulla sicurezza della loro infrastruttura. I dati e le informazioni sono il bene più prezioso di conseguenza la loro protezione è diventata una priorità. 

Thanks to HyperGrid‘s expertise, it is possible to activate services and request advice to assess possible risk factors with extreme precision by developing a cyber security project capable of maintaining the perimeter defense efficient. In addition, the HyperGrid team available 24 hours a day is able to give you support to regain control of the situation if you have suffered an attack, restoring the infrastructure blockade as soon as possible.


The team of specialists and the tools available to HyperGrid allow you to set up and maintain efficient perimeter defenses for the benefit of your corporate network.

The main areas HyperGrid deals with can be listed in the following macro categories:

  • Consulting for the implementation of secure networks
  • Post-attack assistance
  • Computer forensics activities
  • Firewalling Consulting
  • Support for the adaptation of data processing to GDPR regulations
  • Support for compliance with AGID regulations
  • Verification tests of the security of the infrastructure with the detailed identification and related reporting of any weaknesses.


HyperGrid also provides services that can support companies in infrastructure management and data protection, among the most important we mention:

  • VPN Plus 
  • Two-factor authentication for network access via VPN and to protect access to any customer application 
  • Content filtering
  • Internet traffic logging
  • Definition and enforcement of access rules
  • yCloud services certified AGID and managed as autonomous system
  • Provision of secure mail services
  • Design, implementation and management of procedures for “disaster recovery” 


With regard to Disaster Recovery and Security Data Recorder, the know-how developed by the company to create and constantly improve the offer guarantees the possibility of providing valuable help in the event that an attack has caused damage within your corporate network. HyperGrid can help you regain control of the situation, acting on both post-attack recovery actions and investigations needed to identify accountability. Once normality is restored, HyperGrid will conduct a precise analysis of the security status of the infrastructure to help you improve it according to a cost-benefit optimization criterion.

Before you suffer a hacker attack or if you suspect that your corporate network is not secure, rely on our experienceso that you can resolve the situation quickly thanks to consulting and solutions in the field. Always up to date with the latest technologies
and less expensive than you might think.

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