HyperGrid was founded in Pavia on January 30, 2002, in continuity with the experience developed in networking by Systemy Network, when it became part of Cable & Wireless, a leading company in the international telecommunications sector.

HyperGrid specializes in the digital security sector, deepening its knowledge of the digital world: it enhances resources and structures with high-performance tools to offer quality services in ensuring network security.

HyperGrid offers a proven professionalism with the most advanced technologies in the field of network security, reserving to the customer the privilege of an exclusive, direct relationship, aimed at achieving concrete results.

HyperGrid is among the first companies to offer a new type of product: Managed Security Services, technologies and processes aimed at ensuring that services, made available on the Internet by companies, are usable and secure – all this without the need for the company to take charge of them directly. As an external vendor, HyperGrid offers a set of “managed” tools to protect systems, networks, and information from all threats arising from potential vulnerabilities.

HyperGrid constantly improves the operational lines, striving to maintain a high level of quality, the certainty of a timely and efficient response in assistance, the completeness of services, and projects, carried out and followed on the basis of the customer’s security needs.

HyperGrid‘s technological vision is to offer services aimed at ensuring network security in complex environments through solutions characterized by the high level of quality and timeliness of assistance.

HyperGrid competently and carefully supports the activity of users on the grid and allows you to operate in complete safety, in the certainty of a high potential availability and continuity of services.

Thanks to specialized technical and consulting services and the selection of the best technologies available on the market, HyperGrid is able to offer services for the implementation of the Security Infrastructure to any company that wants to operate effectively on digital networks.

HyperGrid has placed at the center of its commitment the maintenance of high operating standards, which require regular and constant verification of performance.

HyperGrid is certified ISO 9001:2015 e EN ISO 27001:2013.